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Hey Guys,

We've recently joined a retargetting provider to advertise on the Web and Facebook. Due to our product (lingerie) most of our ads are denied due to the imagery.

There's a way around to only show cut out imagery BUT joining our shopify to the programme there's no way their end to block out the imagery that's blocking our ads.

I have no tech support, but we've been advised to create a product feed. Can anyone advise if I connected our stores to google merchat feed, is it possible to edit this to only allow the cut out imagery to show (this feed can then be connected up to their system)?

Sorry if a little confusing, I'm trying to work this out with no tech background. 



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Firstly, what retargeting provider are you with? Providers like Criteo or Adroll will have their own placements that cannot be reached with Facebook or Google Ads.

You will get the most impressions though on Facebook and Google. Personally I suggest building some skills to be able to manage the ads directly through the platforms so you have greater control and you'll save on not throwing a percentage of ad spend to your third-party provider.

If you go direct with Google, you can do whatever you want with your feed to control imagery or any value you want. I use DataFeedWatch to control what attributes from a Shopify store get used in the feed. You cannot edit an image directly (that should be done on your computer in photoshop for example), but you select what product images to include. When uploading the images to Shopify, give them a naming convention that you can then identify these values in DataFeedWatch using a rule (e.g. if image_link contains "safe", then apply the image value to the feed.)

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