Retract or modify conversion (for Google Ads & Facebook) when customer returns order?

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When a customer returns their order and is refunded, I would like to reverse the conversion to Google Ads (/facebook etc).
Have you been able to do this? 

I'm sure this will help me optimise my advertising campaigns...

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Hello @MartinKth,

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Yes, it's definitely possible to reverse conversions in Google Ads and other advertising platforms when a customer returns their order and receives a refund.

Here are some steps you can follow to set this up:

1. Set up conversion tracking
Make sure that you have conversion tracking set up in your Google Ads and other advertising accounts. This will allow you to track conversions and measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

2. Track returns and refunds
You'll need to track when customers return their orders and receive refunds. You can do this by setting up tracking in your Shopify store, either through an app or custom code.

3. Create a negative conversion
Once you have tracking set up for returns and refunds, you can create a negative conversion in your Google Ads and other advertising accounts. This will reverse the original conversion and subtract it from your total conversion count.

4. Set up a conversion upload
In order to apply the negative conversion to your advertising account, you'll need to set up a conversion upload. This involves uploading a file containing information about the negative conversion, such as the conversion ID and value.

5. Test and monitor
Once you've set up the negative conversion and conversion upload, make sure to test it and monitor your data to ensure that it's working correctly.

Overall, reversing conversions for returns and refunds can help you optimize your advertising campaigns and improve the accuracy of your conversion data. If you're not familiar with how to set up negative conversions or conversion uploads in your advertising platform, I would recommend reaching out to their support team for assistance.


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Hi Martin,


Check this out: -


Does exactly what you need. Let me know if you have any questions.