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Reusing assets across emails and blog posts?

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Hi Everyone,

My store is relatively new, and I am using the email marketing feature, and I would like to reuse some of the content from my emails for blog posts, including imagery.   How can I accomplish this reuse of assets, without needing to cut and paste from one thing to the other or upload from my computer for each and every element?   Here are some scenarios that I am struggling with. 

1) I want to re-send certain emails to new members of my email audience.  I have figured out how to split up the email list into segments, but I have not figured out how I can re-send an email without completely re-creating it.

2) I want to save my own email template to use each time.  I find that I have to go and add buttons all over again, and my logo, etc. How can I accomplish this?

3) I want to reuse imagery and text from the emails as my blog posts. 

What are your best practices?  What am I missing about how Shopify works, or is Shopify missing these important time-saving features? 

Thank you for your help.



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