Rich snippet installation

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Installing Rich snippet seems like the biggest mistery of the Internet.

Once I test the markup and it shows no errors what do I do next? Cannot find anything online about it.

Thank you!


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Choose Your Rich Snippet Plugin
All In One Rich Snippets – a free plugin that “does the job” but does look as nice or have nearly as many options (add-ons and settings) as WP Rich Snippets. If you only need to add rich snippets to a couple WordPress posts, this will do. But if you want a plugin that actually looks good and has options for color customizations, videos, photos, rating criteria, pros and cons, tables, user reviews, and the ability to add markup anywhere in the post (instead of just the top and bottom), you may want to go with WP Rich Snippets. Here’s a full review of All In One or see these screenshots on the WordPress plugin page.

Here’s how it looks on your post…