Sales Attributed to Marketing Report - Numbers Change Over Time

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I was recently doing our quarterly reporting and was using the Sales Attributed to Marketing Report to pull data on number of orders and revenue attributed to certain channels. As I was pulling this info for 2022 Q4, I also checked the 2022 Q3 numbers and noticed that the dollar amount in revenue was slightly different than what I had noted in the report when I pulled it the previous quarter. It wasn't a huge monetary difference but there was still a difference nonetheless.


I usually pull our end of quarter reports the first working day after the previous quarter ends. Do I need to wait longer to get more accurate numbers when considering attribution windows could be longer after the end of the quarter? Would this cause some of the numbers change a while after I initially pulled the report?

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In December, there are so many festive holidays & Christmas vacation may impact it slightly. I've noticed it for a long time.

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Hey @kellysandberg


Shopify's lookback window for attribution is 30 days. That means that if a conversion happened the day after you run your report, but the first visit from that customer happened 30 days ago, your report data might change. 

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