Sales attributed to marketing returns no sales for campaign

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Hello, we've started having an issue with our campaigns. We are no longer seeing sales attributed to marketing on the Shopify analytics reporting. We see sessions attributed to marketing but no transactions. However Google Analytics is showing both sessions and transactions.


We've verified our checkout/confirmation pages are working as expected as Google Analytics is tracking those events just fine.


I've read a number of support issues on this platform and I've seen a few suggestions as to why what we're seeing might be a happening. For example...


However, the numbers involved make those scenarios unlikely. For instance we have over 5000 sessions. It's not possible that all those users turned of tracking before completing transactions, or that their analytics session expired. Five thousand sessions should also be more than enough of a sample size.

I've included some screenshots of the data we're seeing. Note, we understand that their might be some discrepancies between reporting across these platforms but 0 sales attributed to marketing seems off.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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Are you using any GDPR or Cookie Consent solutions? Some things might be blocking your tracking scripts. I can check this in-depth in case you share your store URL. 

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