Sales Stopped After 3 Sales, Facebook Ads

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Hey i need some feedback.


I started dropshipping and the after 12 hours from opening the store and starting facebook ads, I got 3 sales. I thought i was set for sure! But after investing all the money i had made back into ads, ive had more views and link clicks then ever, but 0 sales! Its been 2 days since the 3 sales, with very minor changes to things i dont understand what happened, ive lost all my profit already. I dont know what happened, anyone have any ideas?

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Dropshipping is not as easy as it once was. However, you did get some initial sales and that's good sign that you're doing something right. Since you're just starting out, I think it's too soon to say anything, given that we don't even have your URL.

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This is the page your taken to when you click the facebook link.


Its just worry some as i've spent double what i did last time, yet ive had 0 sales.

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Have you ever considered creating social proof for your store? Running ads can get hight traffic, but if your store isn't trustful enough, you have no chance to turn your traffic into sales. So try to import some more reviews to make your items trustful enough, it may help you to attract more customers and gain sales. There are some apps in App Store which can help you to do that, Ali Reviews for example. This app collect real reviews to your items, so that they can be more interactive to customers to place orders. This way may help you to gain sales. Should take time to consider it! 

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Dear LoganBrammy,

Hope following will help you.

1. Run your ads at least 1 month then monitor the performance

2. Do re marketing

3. Starts with $5/day

4. Go for custom target audiance 

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