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Hello All

I am possibly looking at hiring a outside marketing company to help me with my ads and funnels. My question is there are a lot of online market agencies out there like taboola and storya I am wondering about feed back on their performance and any other companies I should be looking into to help me?

Thx for your feed back.


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Hey there,


The answer here is a bit of an 'it depends', based on your actual needs.


Taboola and Storeya are technology platforms. Agencies are service businesses. 


A good idea would be to actually talk to a few agencies. Most agencies will happily share 30-60minutes of their team to discuss your business, goals and targets. From there I feel you'll be better placed to make a decision.

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The most effective way to market your store/product online is by using small scale (Nano) influencers to micro-target the right consumers, Influnet Global helps you grow your business on a budget by micro-targeting your consumers through social media not for the likes but for actual sale conversions