Same Products in Multiple Collection Pages

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Hi Everyone!


Actually, I have 10-30 collection pages, and I have 100 products also. 


And every product is suitable for all the collection pages, So can I put same products in multiple collections. 


It's okay for seo point of view or not? 


Whenever I do this duplication checker tools count my content in duplication. Please guide me!


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Hello @Bhanupratap,


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Yes, it is perfectly fine to have the same products in multiple collections on your Shopify store. In fact, it is common practice for online stores to have products listed in multiple collections to make it easier for customers to find what they're looking for.

From an SEO standpoint, having the same products in multiple collections does not necessarily hurt your rankings. When a product appears in multiple collections, Shopify will automatically add a canonical URL to the product page that points to the original or primary collection. This helps search engines understand which collection the product belongs to and avoids confusion about which version of the page to index.

However, it's important to note that the canonical tag only tells search engines which version of the page to index. It does not necessarily guarantee that search engines will always index the preferred version of the page. In some cases, search engines may choose to ignore the canonical tag and index a different version of the page.


Therefore, it's advised to keep the product descriptions and titles unique for each collection, even if the same product appears in multiple collections. This will help avoid any potential issues with duplicate content and ensure that each product is properly indexed by search engines.


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Hi @flareAI 
Thanks for answering!

How to change product title for all collections as each product is in product grid!


Is there an option to change the product title within the collection page?

Thank you