Search and book social media models for your ads: free for Shopify stores

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Hi entrepreneurs!

We just launched a service that allows you to search and book social media models for your ads (

Essentially, we eliminated the friction and high cost of working with modeling agencies.

There is a happy medium between i) posting basic product ads and ii) expensive "influencers"; have models showcase your ads.

Your company will seem more professional, will stand out, your target audience will better assess how the product suits them; all this is done conveniently and at affordable prices (it's a marketplace concept).  How does it work? Once you book your model, you send them the apparel/products, the models send you their pics + return apparel/products, you send the payment through the site. That's it!

FREE for brands/advertisers.

Don't hesitate if you have any questions


IG: @modelshuffle

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