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Search Engine results showing incorrect home page title

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Hi All!

Does anyone know why my page title in search engine results is not the page title I have in my preferences?

If I inspect the code CTL + U on my homepage it shows the correct page title.. why is Google showing something different?


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For anyone interested.. it turns out that google will sometimes change the SEO title of a page to reflect the search query.

My page shows different titles depending on how I search for it!

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What serch term do you type in?  If it is your brand, it has a big chance shows the title you set. In the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages ), Google is getting better at understand what people are searching for and determining what content satisfies that search.  So google extract some proper contont from your homepage  that related to search term as the title showed in SERP. 

In general, if you search for diffenter words, and you see your home page appear in the SERP, probably you get different SERP title for different search term.

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There could be few reasons why google can not fetch correct title like that
1-The source code for your site should contain exactly one title meta tag. If the tag is mission or more than one appears, you may not see the preferred title in search engines.
2-To see the title without search term manipulation, use the site: search operator followed immediately by the URL of your site. Here you can see what is google showing and then can change accordingly.
3-Search Engines Ignored Your Preferred Title



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Thanks 🙂 Like I said above... 
My page title occurs correctly in the html in the meta tag for 'title'
Sometimes google uses that tag and sometimes doesn't depending on what text the search term contains. 

If I use search terms that are in the title tag the title is returned exactly as it is.
If I use terms that aren't it sometimes replaces the title with something else.

It'a all good. Nothing to fix