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Searching my company name in google brings up competitor

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Long story short, someone opened a website literally 1 word different than mine (she saw me post on a cat group we're both in on Facebook), she purchased her domain 2 days after I announced my website and what it was going to be called.  She unfortunately (for me) got her store up and running before I could (she has many less items for sale (so not nearly as many photos to create for the options), and it took me a few months longer to get my website to look like I wanted & functioning the way I wanted.

Now when you type in my store name .. it brings her website up in Google!  

Is there a way to add keywords so that google will recognize that my potential customers are searching for my website and not hers .. if they don't enter my web address perfectly? Say, they search Cat Lady & Company (and not catladyco) it pulls up my competitors website!  I'm wondering if she has used a keyword with my version so that it drives traffic to her instead of me. Or if I'm missing a section where I can enter this in my Control Panel.

This is so frustrating and just down right disheartening, considering how much work I've put into this, only for her website to pull up when you type in my company name.

I am no wiz at SEO or any of this coding .. but I'm muddling my way through it .. but some of it I just don'tunderstand, and it's somewhat overwhelming.

I've had my site indexed with every search engine, I have meta tags & keywords set up on every page & collection & product, I've added my site to the Google Search console .. and still .. if you don't enter my website exactly as it's spelled (and no spaces) .. hers comes up.

My site is hers is


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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey Jennie! 

Dave here from  the Guru Team 🙂 

That's certainly a tough one and after putting so much effort into your store it would be great to help boost your SEO and we have some great tools and methods to assist with this. Getting your SEO top of the pile can be a slow task but it's always possible and you may find some of this very useful for that extra nudge: 

  •  SEO Manager is a fantastic app that really helps boosting your SEO on your store to improve rankings
  • We have a great SEO doc here for you, including the SEO built into your store. This will show you everything you need to do to get high rankings, including a couple of video series
  • This is a great article on getting your SEO going with best practices and other info
  • Another thing to consider is the Google Shopping app that will allow your products to show up in Google Shopping via your Google merchant Center account. We have a handy doc here that you can use to read up on how this app works and what to do if you see any errors!
  • You can then enable Google Shopping campaigns and Product listing Ads with Google directly with some information here
  • This doc may also help explain a little more about adwords as well.
  • Finally here is a useful app that generates ALT text for you, and it is free!

All this should definitely help get your SEO top of the class 🙂 

Best of Luck! 

Dave | Shopify 

Dave | Shopify 
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