Searchnise Search and filter app with Impulse Theme

Searchnise Search and filter app with Impulse Theme

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hi everyone , 

I just have installed this app Searchnise for my store to add the filter by tag feature and it works well but only on mobile browser and in desktop browser appears only for seconds then dissapears , I was using another app "search and discovery " but I am not sure if this the problem is or not , here is my website url

thank you so much in advance and hope I find the solution 
sorry for my bad English I hope you understand the problem 

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Hi @bassel09 


Yes, I think that was the problem. Using apps that provide the same features can very likely lead to code conflicts.


Hence, I'd recommend checking the app settings and ensuring no overlapping features are causing issues. And, if possible, config your search settings in one app only and uninstall the other (remember to reach the app developer of the app you're going to uninstall to ask them to remove any hidden code first)


I hope that this helps!

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