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Hi, my website is the I've tried marketing it on my own and I've also hired different people through Fiverr, I get traffic, ALOT of reported traffic and also ALOT of reactions on different post on facebook...yet no sales? I asked on another fourm on here what the problem was, one of them that was suggested to me was to change my website and that I'm working on. Hopefully, that will help solve much of it but..I still don't have confidence in marketing this website by myself. So with that, does anyone know a reasonably priced marketeer theyve seen good results with? If I could see even just some sales I'd be something for me! Thanks!

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We can discuss in detail.


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What did you have in mind?

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Hello! I'm krissy 


I would love to work with you to optimize your social media channels and drive more traffic to your website. Let's work together to make your brand/company stand out, gain attention among your target audience, and create profitable leads.




-Social Media Management (specializing in Pinterest + Facebook + Instagram) 

-Social Media Optimization

-Responding to engagements, likes, comments, and concerns

-Growing fan/follower base authentically

-Quick to communicate and respond!


 I have previously have run social media accounts for non-profits, luxury retail, e-commerce businesses, bloggers, and many more.


My goal is to help your company/personal account grow authentically. I am able to manage and respond to feedback, post content, and engage potential customers through social media.I am a lifestyle blogger myself and have grown my own audience to over 54,000 REAL and ENGAGED followers monthly.You can contact me via 

or my fiverr account:

Hope to hear from you

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it may be marketing, but in most cases like this, the main issue is with the product itself. 

You may find this questionnaire helpful for getting feedback...

I co-run and share my experience in building a 7 figure brand at