seeking for Facebook Ad course

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I notice that Facebook Ad is a major thing to dive in to drive your sales. So I would like to learn it. I google it and saw vidoes in youtube. but I find only tips for someone how knows already.


So, any recommendation, where can I find the right course?

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi, there!


You are correct that using Facebook Ads will help drive traffic to your store to encourage sales from customers. We have a lot of different resources that can you check out to learn how to use them:


Facebook Advertising for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Guide - This is a 12-part course that includes: how to set-up your ads, the different types of ads available, how to target your audience, using Messenger to engage in conversations with your customers and more on reaching the right audience so that you can generate sales!


Once you’ve gone through this course, you can then start creating marketing campaigns through Shopify for your Facebook Ads. To set-up a campaign, you’ll need to use the Facebook Marketing App in Shopify. Follow our help doc here on how to set this up: Setting up the Facebook Marketing App in Shopify.


If you want to automate your Facebook Ads, you can also use Kit, which is our marketing assistant app that can help you create marketing campaigns. Kit is free to use, and will create targeted Facebook Ad campaigns for you depending on your budget. It connects to your Facebook Ads Manager account in order to push the ads out using the payment that you have on file with Facebook. You can read more about using Kit here: Using Kit with Facebook. To install Kit, click here.


Let me know if that helps!

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Try to browse in UDemy, there is Facebook Ad course.


Don't worry the course price is affordable.