Seeking Insights on Unusual URL Structures in Stores

Seeking Insights on Unusual URL Structures in Stores

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Hello everyone,


After my research, I find myself at a standstill and am turning to this knowledgeable community for insights.

I've encountered an issue across several e-commerce stores where URLs are formatted in a peculiar way: collection/collectionName/product/productName.


Despite thorough checks, including SEO configurations and a deep dive into over 150+ source code records for product pages, I've found no indication of how these URLs are generated.


Interestingly, these URLs are functional, leading me to wonder about their origin. While redirecting is an option, I believe in addressing the root cause rather than its symptoms.


Has anyone else faced this issue or have any idea why these URL structures might be appearing? I'm looking for any insights or suggestions on where else I could investigate this anomaly.


Thank you in advance for your help and looking forward to your thoughts!

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