Segment customers by amount spent within time frame

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I'd like to segment my customers into categories that are filtered in such a way as this one.


Select all customers where the amount_spent > 1000 within the last 60 days.


Does anyone know how to filter such customers?

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Hi @merchanter 


I think everything you need is here: Components of a customer segment · Shopify Help Center


This is a really useful thing to do, especially if you set up a connection with your CRM or email system. We also see a lot of Shopify merchants now automatically populating Facebook and Google audiences with their most valuable customer segments for both remarketing and creating lookalikes. It understandably delivers a much higher return on ad spend than nearly any other audience segment.


I hope this helps...

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Hope all is well! I am just curious as to how you will use that segment once you have created it? BTW you can usually do this within your ESP...Drip is built really well to handle this type of segmentation FWIW. 

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Hello there,

Wonder if you would like to give a try of our tool.
You can segment the customer by their spending amount, purchase products or any specific tag.
And then you can automatically send them to specific email marketing content.



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Attached an video to show how it works.

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Have you found a solution to this?

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Hi Merchanter

Today the amount_spent filter cannot give you the amount within a date range, but I will pass on that feedback.  In the meantime, this filter can get you to something similar:

amount_spent > 1000 AND products_purchased(since: -60d) = true 


This gives you customers where the amount spent is >1000 AND has an order in the last 60 days.  But, it could be that they spent $900 last year, and $200 on an order in the last 60 days, so it's not perfectly what you are looking for.




Hope that helps!


To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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I would also benefit from an update to these filters! I'd really like to see how many customers spent X within a time frame in order to determine my most loyal customers for the year (not of all time). Thanks for passing on the suggestion!