Segmenting customers based on collections they've purchased from?

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Hi, there. I'm needing to create customer segments based on if they have viewed or purchased any items from an entire product collection. Is this possible using Shopify Email? 

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Hi @designs-to-you,


You can create your segments with customers as you want like this: 



But I think Shopify can not trigger customers who view your products, you can find solutions on Email Marketing App by Avada: 


With Browse Abandoned Automation:



Send reminder emails when customers view product pages on your website without going on to add items to their shopping carts


If you want to install it, you can check it here:


I hope this helps.


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Hi @designs-to-you 

I might have a good solution for what you are looking for.

AdScale is an app on Shopify that allows you to create customizable customer segments using your store data, based on your customers' shopping behavior.

This segmentation can be based on when they purchased, how much they spent, and even what collections they purchased from, just like you are looking to do.


You can then automatically use these customer segments on Facebook, Google, Email & SMS marketing without having to use any other tools, as the entire setup is done through the same app.


If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out to


Hope this helped!