Self hosted email marketing vs SaaS

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going through all the 3rd party provider for email marketing from simple mailchimp/getresponse to more complex ones like active campaigns etc. I only find SaaS provider.

One can obviously see the advantage in a all done for you solution in a technically complex to maintain environment. But the disadvantage is certainly the price especially when ur list grows.

Now Amazon offers email sending at a very low and affordable price. I know it is only half the piece of the puzzle so my question is there a good and reliable pay once software solution, that can be integrated with shopify to collect subscribers, and with Amazon email service to send emails?

Thanks Gerd
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 Hey Gerd,

I've heard about the new service that Amazon now offers, but I still think that it lacks some major features that MailChimp and others have. I'd recommend you to checkout MailGun, a great service with convenient pricing. What are your sending rates?


Good luck!

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Hi Gerd,


I'm using Sendy.

Sendy is the great self-host solution for Email marketing, Sendy can integrate easily with AWS SES. You just paid for a one-time payment (59$)


Sendy has drip campaign and custom segments the same as Mailchimp.


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I would definitely recommend going with a SaaS. If you are stranded with the budget then pick the one that has the features that you absolutely need and with the price that you can afford (ignore all the bells and whistles).

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@gerdtfhello at my previous job i had some experience with mautic org it is opensource email automation app. Maybe it will help in your case. By the way what are your sending rates?

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