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Self Referral in Google Analytics

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Hi everyone,

I can't seem to find a solution to this. We just launch our shopify store last week and we're getting sales. However, when I look at the data in Google Analytics, all sales are coming from the domain itself " / referral". I know it shouldn't because our main driver of sales is Google / organic and AdWords. I have been looking for solutions here but I can't seem to find a direct answer from Shopify staff.

And no, excluding it from the referrals will only convert it to Direct traffic. I tried pasting the GA code again on the checkout URLs to see if it will work but it's the same. Whenever a transaction happen it goes to checkout.shopify and it always attribute to " / referral" . 

Anyone has a solution to this? 



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Whoa, not even a single solution even from Shopify?

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Yes, go to referral exclusions in Google Analytics.
And exclude your own domain and payment gateway.

I faced this a year ago, when I saw referrals from paypal instead of the original referrer. The reason was that the user would exit the site to go to paypal and pay, and then return to the thank for payment webpage on our site. And so, Google Analytics (GA) would show Paypal as a referrer.

Go to GA, Admin, select property where you are seeing this problematic data, click on Tracking Info, click on Referral Exclusion list and exclude domains.

This should fix your problem.

- Karan

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Hi Edward,

There's a number of reasons why this might be happening - as you mentioned, adding the referral exclusion is no good if the revenue is then attributed as being direct.

I'd be happy to help you sort this - feel free to email me ( or add me to skype: rowncouk.

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It should not become direct. Referral exclusion should just stop that domain from changing the referral setting for that session. i.e. it should stick to how the visitor previously found the website.

If AdWords is not showing traffic in Analytics then AdWords auto tagging is probably switched off.

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Update: Excluding the domain as referral somehow worked. However, I am still having a small number of referral from my own website. Also, I still can't believe that my revenue from direct traffic is higher than organic. I still think attribution here is a problem. I just don't know how to fix this.