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I have a shopify store for products, and I am considering opening another store, unrelated to the first, for selling services.  I can't seem to find examples of people using Shopify for services, like consulting.  But, some must be.  Any ideas/opinions/examples/templates that anyone can recommend?  Is Shopify the place for this?

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Hi @Bbb00876 

You can create a service selling business on Shopify with some options

1. If you want your customer to purchase your services deselect the checkbox during product creation. It will be treated as virtual product and a virtual product could be a service.



2. If you want some forms or other options using customer can book the services then you need some external apps that can help to achieve this.



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This really depends on the service types.

If you need to set scheduling, create reservations, induce calls, host webinars,  then shopify does not have these types of features natively and you will have to shoehorn it in with apps.


You'll want to research store selling "digital goods" to get an idea of the possibilities as there is just to much ambiguity in what "selling services" means and requires



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Yes Shopify is the place for this.

Please check out my store as an example.

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