Sending an automated "Thank You" email to NON-subscribed purchasers?

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I want to be able to create an automated sequence that sends out a "Thank You" email to customers who chose not to subscribe to my newsletter, but have still made a purchase. And I mean a different thank you than the generic "Order Confirmation" that Shopify automatically sends out. That's important too and I don't want to get rid of that because it contains all their order details.

But after that, I want to send out a beautiful email with photos saying a more heartfelt "thank you" and saying how much I appreciate their business. I use Mailchimp and used their template to create a beautiful, colorful "Thank you" email, but they told me that those kinds of sequences can only go out to subscribers who have opted-in to marketing emails.

So is there any other way for me to send out an automated "Thank You" that is different from and in addition to the Shopify "Order Confirmation"? Klaviyo--whether they do it or not--is not an option for me. I tried them and couldn't figure out how to navigate their platform.


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Hi @jyl912 

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You should check out this community post from @LukaszWiktor

You could send a quick video saying thank you to every new customer, like Ryan from Popov Leather. Recently, he's started using Bonjoro to send a quick, personalized video thank you to every new customer—here’s just one example that made an impression on one of the product marketing managers at the Shopify team.

Please also check out these Shopify applications:

  • Thank You Email Marketing Tool: Automatically send a thank-you email after customers subscribe or make a purchase. Free plan available. From $7/month.
  • SmartrMail Email Marketing: Grow with best-practice automation including welcome, abandoned cart, and thank you emails that are quick to set up with premade templates. 
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Hi @Michal17,

Thank you for linking to my post. Although, as @jyl912 mentioned, Mailchimp won't send a follow up on a purchase email to customers who haven't opted in for marketing emails.

I've just tested the Thank You Email Marketing Tool app, and I can confirm that it sends a "Thank You" email after placing an order even to customers who are not subscribed to marketing emails.


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Hi @LukaszWiktor 

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@jyl912 I hope you were able to find a solution through our various helpers around here.

You're welcome. Always a pleasure to help.

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Hi @jyl912 

I would like to present you Web Push Notification -a great alternative to emails.

The technology of Web Push Notification is managed by the user's browser and OS. This means that it is displayed on-screen and is entirely cookie-less. The user who subscribes to Web Push Notifications does not need to leave his email address (giving personal contacts is not always pleasent for website visitors ). 

Here you can find a very usefull information about marketing automation with web push to maximize your conversions 👇

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Hi @jyl912,

Engagely can send automated personalized thank you emails to new customers or repeat customers that place their 1st or 2nd order. Customers don't need to be subscribed to a list in order to receive your thank you emails.

You can customize the email template to your liking. The thank you emails can also be sent after a customer receives their order or they pay for their order. The emails can also be scheduled 1h - 72h after the customer receives their order or pays for it.

The app is FREE, you only need to pay for the emails you send out. 500 emails signup bonus.

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I have a great suggestion for your question


Well you have to try Bonjoro -Thank You Videos for this.

With Bonjoro, you can integrate personalized thank-you videos into your post-purchase process, reaching even non-subscribed customers.

You can trigger these videos based on events like new customer or order fulfilled to ensure every customer receives a heartfelt thank-you.

Your customers will absolutely LOVE it!