SEO Advantages on Shopify vs Generic Site

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A question for Shopify store owners who moved over from another platform, hopefully due to SEO struggles...

My company have a custom built website for our online vape store, but we're running into unexpected reactions from Google ranking our main catalogue page '' for the search terms 'e-liquid' and 'vape juice'. It turns out the #1 spot holder is actually a Shopify store, and I'm wondering if it's a known thing that Shopify is great for eCommerce SEO or whether this just a coincidence?

If Shopify IS known for it's SEO, can anyone explain why? And again, if so, should we be considering making the switch?

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Not really, Shopify isn't known for having best-in-class SEO. Most SEO's I've talked to have a (imo unjustified) hate-boner for Shopify. 

It's really just another CMS. The front end liquid theming is pretty flexible.

For a decent overview of some of these limitations, lookup the "Shopify SEO Tips 2021 by ContentKing"

I don't think switching platforms alone will save you. However if your custom ecom site is really badly dorked, from a TechSEO standpoint, then Shopify + a default theme might be a major improvement that does improve things in your case. Really hard to say without taking a detailed look at if TechSEO issues are likely to be holding you back and if a setup on Shopify is likely to fix some of it.

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Agree with @KieranR, Shopify is just another CMS and not so great compared to building your own blog page. 

We made a quick comparison - hope it helps. Let me know if you find it helpful with a thumb up or like. Cheers

Is Shopify Good For SEO? 

Is Shopify Bad For SEO? 

Speed: Shopify's CDN allows your online store to load quickly around the globe

Low capacity for content customization: Your options for customizing your blog pages, or regular pages are limited, which can be a hinder to your content marketing approach

SEO built-in features: Shopify has all the basic built-in SEO options that most stores need: Automatic sitemap, 301 redirects, URLs personalization, etc. 

Strings in URL: Shopify add some defaults fixed string to URL, etc. For example, a product page will have a mandatory ‘/products/’ in their URL.

Apps: A wide variety of apps supporting you in improving your SEO performance 

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I also wager that the #1 spot holder got the position not because it's using Shopify, but because it has good content and backlinks. 

Running it through Ahrefs can reveal their backlink strategies and content strategies (which keywords they're ranking for). 

Plus, you can also use Surfer's Content Editor to improve the writing. 


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