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Hi guys: 

Will SEO apps have a conflict if there are 2 apps installed?

I have the Smart SEO and the Plug-in SEO apps installed.

I got e-mails from BOTH companies to remove the other app.

Somehow, I feel they are telling me there is conflict, just to get me to remove a competitors app.

Which shall I remove?

Or keep both.

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Why would you use two SEO apps? surely they do the same thing.. yes they proberly do clash with each other.. I use Smart SEO and that one does everything you need to improve your SEO. im sure the other does the same but I have not used that one..

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Sure. Thanks for your input.

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Each SEO app adds its own meta tags following google guidelines. So there is a conflict because the meta tags are repeated on the page.  Some merchants think that more SEO apps will improve SEO better. This is obviously wrong

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