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SEO for my collection for higher Google ranking

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Hi there team, I'm trying to get my whole collection to appear on the first page of Google.


For example, I would like my headphones collection to appear on the first page of the search when people enter the keyword, 'headphones' in New Zealand. I have entered all the right keywords in each title of each product, URL title, Meta discription, Atl on all images etc... I have been waiting for it to pop up for over 3 months but it's not improving.


Can you point me in the right direction and suggest good apps and maybe a good blog of 'how-tos' so I can work on it more.


Thank you in advance!


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I looked meta title of the website and I can suggest making them better. With these titles, you can't appear on the No.1 page not even after six months of waiting.

another thing I noticed is [See our 81 reviews on Trustpilot] is 3 times on the just home page. It seems too much for me!


I suggest to the optimized website well and then start building links for your website. It will help you for sure and if you are looking for the SEO expert, I can recommend someone with Good results & success ratio.

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Hi there, thank you for your feedback and ideas! I trully appreciate all you shared with me. I have done some improvement and will do more now. I would like to consider someone who can help. Please send me the details to


Once again, I appreciate your support!




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@trendyfulstore  Looking for SEO expert or just any random guy who can help you with your website?

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Hey @trendyfulstore ,

 I would like to suggest you build quality backlink from an authoritative website which is relevant to your niche, it will help you a lot to improve your ranking position. For on-page SEO, @john has already provided the solution which helps you to boost the ranking of your website. Just follow it and you will surely get the improved result.



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Hey there! 


I'm an SEO Manager at an agency that works with a good amount of Shopify stores. Looking at your store, here are some things you could be looking at:

  • Have you looked at implementing hreflang tags? These might be needed to rank in certain geographies
  • You could consider lazy loading images. This would allow the initial content to render faster
  • Consider moving your product listings above the fold on your category pages
  • Test adding more on-page text to your product category pages

You can email me at if you want to talk more! As well, you can read my article on Shopify SEO here:

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First page of Google for "headphones"???

Wow, good luck with that!

Without getting into much detail, you'd need to pick more specific keyword to rank on page #1 as a new brand. Just Google "headphones" and see that only the main, established and recognizable brands rank on page #1. Make sure to select a long tail keyword, such as "[brand name] wireless sound blocking headphones". It would give you much bigger chance of getting to page #1.

Make sure to run a detailed keyword research before selecting the right keywords.



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"First page of Google for "headphones"???

Wow, good luck with that!"


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