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Hello and good morning!

My website is: - the digital home of my company and trademark: Metahuman 

We want to be visible on the first page of google for search term "Metahuman" - can someone help me with this?

I am happy to hire someone legitimate to help me with growth strategy and execution - or if anyone wants to tell me anything else I can do I would be grateful!

I also really want some other keyword searches related to our products - to get our products to show on google searches!!!!

For example: Search terms like "vitamin gummies" (thats just an example)

And again, I am happy to hire the right person who I can have clean and open communication with!!!

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buddy how are you,

I am happy to make your project done perfectly

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I understand your point of view. I would like to know that is anything done till the date to improve its ranking and other SEO things? or the site is fresh?

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Hi there,

We can discuss further for assured SEO results. According to your description we can work on your brand name for dedicated result and other keywords with high search volume and competition.

Hope to hear from you



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Hi Joshua! 

I'm no expert at SEO but I do have a few points to add or suggest to your website.

I saw that your last piece of content was written all the way back in 2018. You are in dire need of more content. 

The easiest way to grow on the SEO side of things is to produce articles that can answer questions–it's the most natural way to get potential conversions too. If you can establish your expertise in the field you're trying to go for, then people would be more inclined to check what services you have to offer.

One thing that can really help out is paying Ads on popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Honestly, Instagram ads really helped me out when I was just starting out in my business. They're a little expensive now though. You can test out other options because there are a ton of other alternatives to Instagram ads.

Also, if its something you're willing to invest in, I read this article about sales automation–this is a somewhat recent SEO practice of using automated systems for Ads and email outreach to improve a website's audience reach, to gain more traffic, and eventually get more impressions on SERPs. Works like a charm!

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Depending how much revenue you're generating...I can't recommend Tuff enough. It's a growth marketing agency and they helped me scale my Shopify store a couple years ago.

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Hi Joshua, 

I took a look through your site data and analytics, though you have many top sites as competition ranking in this term for page 1, those rankings are not specific to the Metahuman term alone, it's a combination of terms that bring them up. I believe you can reach page 1 like you desire with some work. I would definitely recommend working with a specialist if you are trying to get to page 1 Google, not knowing what you're doing could hinder you (or you could get really lucky on your own, I've seen this happen a few times). I'm an SEO specialist and long time Shopify partner and can help you if you want professional help.

If you are wanting to try to do it yourself here are some SEO tips from the way your site currently stands. Aesthetically, and design wise, your site looks great! Good job getting to this point.

A lot of SEO driven updates, specific to Google, should go into your homepage first. The "Metahuman," keyword is your goal, lead with that but use keyword tools to get the search terms that you need to integrate into your site for rankings. Once you have your list fire them in with some site-wide updates.

Here's a quick audit summary snapshot: 


You need more content, more keyword targeted content and a list of other items. 200 issues, 40 errors and 9 warnings is a lot for a site with only 26 pages. Fixing this stuff will help you pretty quickly. 

Your website speed is excellent, as you add content (especially apps and images), you will need to watch your speeds, slower/faster sites really matter to Google. 



Please let me know if you need help or if you have any questions. Best of luck.

Thank you, 
Randy Voigt  - Clovis Webmasters

Thank you,
Randy Voigt SR. - Clovis Webmasters
Webmaster & SEO Specialist - (559)797-7842

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Hello Joshua,

I have checked your site and I see that you have 3 backlinks and also not getting organic traffic on your site. Is there any sales that your store is currently doing right now? Are you also focusing on Social media to get leads?

I noticed that blogs you have written are from 2018 and after that there is no update, I think you should definitely focused on writing more SEO optimised content, I have my own Shopify SEO agency who can help you in ranking your website on Google for "Metahuman" and other related keywords. We are expert in ranking products as we got our expertise in Ecommerce SEO services

You can contact us and we will provide you a FREE consultation in which we tell you the points about how we rank your website by our Ecommerce SEO strategy.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Heya @joshua808: 👋 Kai here, I run Double Your Ecommerce and specialize in helping my Shopify clients grow in Google.


> For example: Search terms like "vitamin gummies" (that's just an example)


Good example search term, but I'm jumping in here with a quick clarification (for anyone reading along).


That term — vitamin gummies — is, alas, way too competitive for your store to rank for at this time. How do I know that? Two things:


1. There are big competitors here. If you Google the term, you'll see the top ten sites ranking there are large, established brands (Amazon, Healthline, Walmart, CVS, Target, Nature Made, Walgreens, WebMD,, These larger competitors have a ton of links, content, and SEO experience. I describe them as having a 'defensible position.' You aren't easily going to outrank them right now.


2. You don't have enough links to outrank those competitors. Looking at the number of links pointing to your site, you've got ~4 unique sites linking to you. That's a good start, but it is quite low. To rank for a more competitive term (like Vitamin Gummies) you'll need (a lot) more links pointing to your site.


So what are you supposed to do? Give up? Wait until you get a ton more links? What you want to do is focus on more niche keywords.


Instead of 'Vitamin Gummies' you might try to rank your gummie product page for 'Buy Organic Full Spectrum XXX Gummies.' These longer, more specific keywords are less competitive (and more resonant with the products you're selling)


Looking at the sites ranking for that search , you see a mixture of:


- Larger brands (e.g., Healthline)

- News sites

- Smaller brands (e.g., Corn Bread Hemp)


There still is some competition here and these competitors are established, but it's much less competitive than 'Vitamin Gummies.'


(How are you supposed to find these keywords? You can use one of my favorite freemium tools — Keywords Everywhere — to get insights on keywords + suggested related keywords right in Google. Excellent tool for keyword research, I think you'll love it.)


Hope this helped! If you're still scratching your head, drop me an email ( and I'll see what I can better explain.


(And BTW, I send out a regular newsletter with Shopify marketing and growth tips like this one. Want to get the next letter in your inbox? Drop your email address in here:

Kai Davis is Your Shopify Growth Guy • CEO/Founder of Double Your Ecommerce
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What I would recommend to you right off the bat after looking at your website is to pay attention to the keywords. They greatly influence the promotion of the site in Google. You have very few keywords related to your Metahuman topic in general.

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What I would recommend to you right off the bat after looking at your website is to pay attention to the keywords. They greatly influence the promotion of the site in Google. You have very few keywords related to your Metahuman topic in general.

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To check the correctness and number of keywords, you can use the service I used it myself when I made my site selling furniture. Another note, it isn't clear what your website offers to the client, or what is the idea of ​​your company after you read the text on the main page. You want to serve humanity, you create some products, but which ones exactly? What does it mean to serve humanity, I read all the text on the main page and still don't understand what you guys are doing.