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Hi Everyone,


My site has been made with SEO emphasis. I sell an item which is called "thobes" and I have made sure every product and image is titled "thobes" with page titles being descriptive and with the key words included in them. 


I cannot understand why my ranking is so low on Google, I am 100% sure some of the search results when you search "thobes" on Google, my results are really low. I started selling around October time. I have submitted my sitemap on Search console and Google has crawled through my URLs. 


I am just really confused. When I do Google Ads, thats when my page is on first page under the ads banner. But when I stop the promotion, it goes down the listings. 


I hope someone can help and Thank you in advance for your help



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Hi Lukman @Muddatthir ,


I'm sorry to hear about your frustration, but you are on the right track.


You've taken care of some of the basics by optimizing titles tags.


Paid search ads will get you to the top of Google right away but they are ofcourse paid. Ranking organically is more complicated, but it breaks down like this:


1. Optimize your content - It sounds like you've taken care of this already

2. Fix errors on your site - Your site is pretty small, so I wouldn't spend too much time here.

3. Create magnetic content - Ranking for Thobes shouldnt bee too hard as the keyword difficulty is low, but you need to create content that can grab the attention of your audience, and of other blogs. See link below for some tips.

4. Build links - Now, in order to build links, you need to have winning content. Your content will act as bait to get links. 

5. Promote - After you create your content, get ready to invest some real time and effort promoting your content. Thats where social media marketing can really help you, to get traffic, shares and likes and comments on your blog posts. The more engagement you get, the easier step #4 will be.


I have more tips for you here:



Best of luck and talk soon,




Talk soon,
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On-Page Optimization isn't enough to rank your website in Search Engine. You have to focus on Link Building and Social Media Campaign to supplement your on-page optimization.


Also, you need to focus on content such as blogs, articles, press release, images and videos. Hopefully, it helps to your business.

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Hi, after checking your web ,i found the google index page is  very few ,also the backlink is in very short number, your home page is trully impressive

but seo is take lots of work and time ,backlinks bulit,on-page optimization,content update ,blog ,social network etc ,you need got patience


To give you a reference i would put my web: Timei Beauty Equipment 

which i founded  on Mar 2018, for one year SEO effort with lots of works and try many ways,still in very few daily visitor,good things is that the data become improved gradually ,now i launch my second site, so step by step ,consisit on it , the site will get more and more traffic, good luck !






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Hi Lukman,


Congrats on having a niche store - "thobes" as you can imagine, is quite a competitive keyword. You should pick longer, more specific keyword to improve chances of getting to page #1. Perhaps a variation "black velvet men's thobe" can work better for you. Make sure that it receives a decent amount of traffic. This a geat way to outsmart competition, as at the moment, if you target a very general keyword, you compete with millions of other online stores, that have been selling online for much longer, and have a natural bigger authority in Google, so that's why they get featured on page #1.

Apart from the keyword research, make sure your website is technically sound in terms of SEO: your bounce rate is at the right level, your website is fast, you have good dwelling time and a right architecture. You can struggle to get on page #1 if your website is not technically optimized.

Check also this guide by Backlinko and follow his tips to prepare your website.

Remember that it sometimes takes years for brand new websites to get to Google page #1, and as you have only been opened for few months, it's perfectly normal that your site is not at the top yet. Be patient, and work on the tips above. 


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I have a Shopify store for two years now and in all this time, I had only one organic sale. Traffic has gone down from about 300 per month to 50. It’s a pity because I like my products and all other stuff needed to do this properly but the sales are just not happening. It’s quite depressing! I have Instagram and FB page.
I am not familiar with SEO; can anyone pls give advice what to do in this case or any other advice as to what I can do to improve my site. Thanks!!