seo hell

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I have paid 'experts' on Blimpon and Upwork to help with seo on my site. Despite that I still have these problems.

'page titles have either been poorly done or haven’t been done at all for SEO.
No on-page content on category pages and little content on the Home page.(totally confused here as another 'expert' told me to remove text on home page as people wouldn't read it)
No local directories been added.

No back links'.

I have no idea what to do and certainly don't have tons of cash to throw away - sorry feeling slightly burnt and disillusioned.

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Sorry to hear that - it seems like that either:


your SEO 'pros' are not doing very good job




your SEO analysis tools [which is often the case] doesn't really know what they 'talk' about 🙂


If you need a quick SEO review of your website, feel free to give me a shout, I'd be happy to help. 

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Hi my website is www.badgebliss,com,au
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You are sounding like, you have no expertise in SEO. Even if you are hiring SEO experts for your website, you need to know somebackground about SEO. You can better implement SEO techniques. 

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Hi Kate, 

I understand your frustrations! I do a lot of work for clients "fixing" subpar SEO work. Would be happy to help you navigate the ins and outs of a successful SEO strategy, answer any questions, and possibly help if you still need it.