SEO ideas for geo targeting 2 countries

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The online store I currently manage does well selling in Canada and gets a few orders from US customers. I would like to get a lot more US customers. I am wondering if I should start another online store focused on the US, or try to tackle both the US and Canadian markets with one online store. My current store is a ".ca" so I am not sure if I would even be able to get it to rank in the US. 

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Hi there! You can tackle Canadian and US market on one shop, and for example, create a URL page as as a subdomain. Of course, you can create also a total new website for your US market, it provides the best flexibility to control differences of products, prices, shipping cost etc. But you need to purchase a new domain and run two shops at the same time. It depends on how you want to run business for your US market. SEO can be applied either way.

As conduct multi-regional business, you US domain or subdomains is a clearly way to tell google you are targeting the US market, like, or Additionally, you can use hreflang tags to tell google your site structure and help google rank only relevant pages for visitors from particular countries, for example, only your US shop or US subdomain page will show up in search result for your US visitors. Hreflang tags for a website with different country pages can be set as:

<link rel="alternate" href=" " hreflang="x-default" />
<link rel="alternate" href=" " hreflang="en-us" />

To find out more details on multi-regional sites and SEO, you could read the post: