Seo in different language than the main language of the webshop.

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Hi Everybody,

I just started my webshop on shopify, lately I am busy optimizing the seo.
My webshop main language is Dutch, but when I look up my webshop on google I get the English description(seo) of my website.
While in preferences the meta description is also in Dutch?


What I think it could be is that the homepage contains more english text than dutch.
So google maybe see it as a English webshop?
This is mainly because the products have English names.
Or the problem is really in the settings, so if you guys can help me out :). 



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Your hreflang tags look to be setup correctly: 

That is one thing Google looks at when considering what version of a web page to serve.

It also depends on the user. If your Google language settings are in English, then it should serve the English version of your hreflang tags.

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