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SEO Issues

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I'm running the Atlantic theme by Pixel Union and I'm trying to improve my SEO ranking. When I run any number of SEO analyers online one of the big problems they bring up is that I have to many titles om my home page. All of that comes from Pixel Union showing H1 titles for things like the shopping cart, arrows left and right, the search tool and much more. Is there a way to fix this without messing up the code.

Also can anyone reccomend a theme that is very SEO friendly and has a great mobile version also.


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Hi Milton! Maggie, Shopify Partner here 🙂

Your SEO score according to my tool is 52/100 which is not bad for a new website. I don’t see any issues with your H tags:

You have mainly H2 and H3 tags on your homepage. I wouldn’t worry about other tools detecting H1 tags - they are a good sign in terms of SEO 🙂

Your website also looks great on mobile devices, please see the screenshot below, and check the test results here:

All of the Shopify themes are 100% mobile friendly if you wanted to update your theme, but your current theme is already responsive and mobile-friendly.

Hope it helped!