SEO keyword phrase question- individual words vs phrase

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When doing SEO key word research I have found that individual words can have a higher hit than a short phrase using the words. My question is, if I use the words, does just the result of the phrase equal the effectiveness, or is it a combination of the words and the phrase or just the words themselves? For example, if I check rabbit and get 10k, stew and get 12k, and check rabbit stew and get 8k, what criteria should I use to develop my key words usage- rabbit stew  for the phrase or stew, rabbit to get the hits off the individual words?

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Hi William,

My request is go for longer keywords

You really need visitors who come to your store crossing all other big guys. So work on the keyword that will fetch you few quality visits for the longer keywords

Its hard to bring the site on top for shorter keywords. That's why people go for longer phrases but make sure you do it well.

Kindly use these keyword strategy when writing blog.

A request - Can you work on the font in your site. Its trendy but i dont know if customers can read easily. Keep experimenting and I believe you are already learning a lot in Digital marketing.

Good luck

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Actually longer keywords ranks faster in result than short keywords. The competition is generally low on longer keywords. So first decide the keywords as per your firm business or sector then accordingly work on the keywords.

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Hi @William_Wenz ,

Yes, as the two replies form above say - it's better to target long-tail keywords. However, not all long-tail keywords will be a good fit for your store. To find the ones that are, you need to evaluate each keyword in terms of volume, competition (i.e. ranking difficulty), intent, and relevancy. In other words:

- you must only target keywords that are relevant to your business and products;

- it's better to filter out the keywords that do not show clear buying intent;
- keywords with high search volumes are usually difficult, if not impossible, to rank for. And, therefore, the efforts you put towards ranking for them will be in vain.

Of course, there are other things that you need to consider. If you have the interest to learn more on the topic, I'd recommend you read this guide to effective keyword research for Shopify:

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