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So, we have got a unique product for specific country, however the term to name it is international like pizza. However, when typing pizza in google, relevant information comes for relevant country. 
However, when typing search query from the country where our service is special, google firstly shows service providers from other countries, like USA. The problem is the term 
I did some technical SEO optimization, and I am aware that we need to do content development.Now when we type country name and the service, ours comes first, but I want to know how would it be possible if we rank better than other countries`s service providers, when someone from our located country types only the service name not, is there any technical way to do like country targeting or localisation? 

We have got google my business account too, but it is not coming when someone from that country types the service name, our account and website would come?

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Good question. Unfortunately the answer is not what you want to hear. The only way I know of to enter into Google's localized search results is to have a local presence. You've got to play Google's game. Having said that, whether localized Google Map results show all the time is unlikely and your standard SEO practices still apply.

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Instead of optimizing your service/product citation you can focus on social media, you can create facebook, twitter, Google+ and provide your local business info.

Also you can hire someone to submit your business details to local directories on you cit/country this is very helpful trick you can use instead of waiting only for Google Maps.

Hope this help you

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Yes, You should do Local SEO for your every product. If you rank your product or site in the local base by keywords you will get google result.