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Google Search Console lists our site ranking around 27th for the Australia Region for particular search term - Cold Press Juicer.

This is accurate for the state of Victoria, but not for Queensland or Western Australia (or other states within Australia).  

Our product sells Australia wide, I can't figure out why the ranking is different/missing when searched in other states.



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Do you have any keywords such as Victoria in on your website?

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This is due to the Local SEO factor involve for example best juicers to buy in Victoria. Now you ranking will be fast and more accurate in the region of Victoria but if you use this keyword as your main keyword best juicer to buy then it will give boost to al regions. Hope i clear your point.

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yes its very serious issue that you raised here I also faced this issue while making my new juicer reviews website but you can see on the link the detailed guidance about this issue now.