SEO Meta Tags - Where are they coming from!?

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I've installed SEO Manager (Shopify App) and painstakingly written all of my products SEO information in that app. The app is installed correctly and functioning.  When I test search my products they don't show up in Google as what I put in SEO Manager. They are showing as product title | product SEO title | Vendor and I want  them to show as what I put into SEO Manager.  I only have this problem with products, the collections, home page, and other pages don't have the problem.  Any ideas?  



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on the given link,

everything seems okay. title and description are displaying same as they are set.

are you facing problem while searching on google? 

google may be showing the meta description which is not coming from your meta description tag.

if it is not from meta desc tag, it might be coming from the page content of that URL. 

google is showing the description which matches the user's search term. so if the entered keyword is not in the meta description, Google will fetch it from the landing page.


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Just dropping in my 2c. You will need to give Google time to re-crawl and re-index all your pages before any changes come up. It can some time for it to happen naturally around 10 - 14 days, or you use , or head into your webmaster tools section and fetch your homepage again. 

Side note, you can make all the changes you want without having to us SEO apps. 



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