SEO, Noindex and sitemap

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So, i`m deep down in the SEO. I have a store that`s built with a app called Pixify. I sell digital files, videoes. I upload via the app, create tags there, collections and products also get created in shopify when i upload them. 

But i keep my original filenames so i can match it with my local server, so the filenames is useless for anyone else. I tag the files in the pixify app and add a description there. So the customers can search the files in my store. So i have thousands of files that`s make sense ON the site when browsing and searching. But they don`t make sense in the SEO world. They only appear with random filenames, that`s making my site rank very very poor. I actually almost can`t find it. It`s indexed, but basicly useless regarding googling it. 


Regarding the collections i create descriptions and edit the SEO urls so they is better ranked. But the products is way to many to edit in that way. 


I have tried to add the metafield and seo.hidden method on all mye products. And that`s hinding the products from the sitemap, but it`s also hiding the files for the search function on my site. So i can`t do that.


I want:

- To be able to hide the products from seo, because they will appear totally random with the technical filenames. 

- But of course i would keep the files searchable on the site, so removing it from sitemap is a nogo apparently?

The best for me is that the "normal" pages and collections is the ones that`s indexed and searchable on google. Not all the individual products.



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