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I’m definitely a newbie when it comes to SEO. I’ve only ever sold on Etsy and eBay and it hasent ever really been something I have had to worry too much about. I notice on all my Shopify products (around 2000) at the bottom of each page where it says search engine seo it has just taken the description I use for each product which answers common questions I get and put it all into a paragraph. Can you change search engine SEO in bulk to make it more meaningful?, and can you have the same seo description for multiple products?.


Is it more important to have good seo for each shopify collection?, or each individual product?


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Hi @ozinsignia,


1. if you would like to change the titles and meta descriptions in bulk, you can go to your products, check all of the products and then click edit products. 

Click the dropdown menu "Add fields", and scroll down and find the section with SEO – in this way you can add titles and descriptions to them. 

The other option is to export you products in csv, edit the file and upload it once more to Shopify. 


2. Yes, I recommend writing a unique title and description for each of your product. However, just to give you more information. You mentioned that you have around 2000 products which is really a lot. So, I would pick the bestsellers and start with them – writing unique titles and descriptions will take some time.

Here are some tips for writing titles and meta descriptions


Plus, Google has started overwriting the titles and meta descriptions recently. This means that even if you write them on your own, there is no guarantee that they will display in the SERP as you wrote them. I wrote about this topic in one of my articles, if interested, here's the link:


Hope this helps!


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Hi @ozinsignia,


Great questions, SEO is difficult to figure out even on the best of days. I would say it's definitley in your benefit to have a unique SEO description for all of your products and collections. It's a lot more work, especially with the number of products you might have,  but it could really stand to you in the long run!


Shopify has an SEO help guide which goes through how to update your SEO in your store natively which you might find useful. 

If you wanted to take it a step further and use an SEO app from the app store you can do so too. I personally like SEO Manager the best, but it does cost $20 per month. You can see these apps in the Shopify App store


Because of the number of products you have, it could also be worth hiring someone to help with your SEO. You could look to hire a Shopify Expert for this.  


Last but not least there is a blog post from the content marketers in Shopify with an SEO checklist that is worth reading. You can find it below:

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.