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SEO Optimization - Not fully possible with Shopify?

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Hey there,


I recently used Google PageSpeed Insights to check out how to optimize our store further for SEO. I wondered that PageSpeed listed some Shopify internal CSS / JS as a thing which is to optimize, concrete to use compression as an example. 


Is there a way for us to use compression for shopify JS (eg. …assets/site.js?482…( - and if not, why doesn't Shopify activate this by default?





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If you minimise/compress a JS file and it has formatting errors in it - it breaks. So a simple thing like a missing semi colon could totally stop all JS from running on the page. So whilst it's _possible_ it's a massively risky thing to do. I get why this isn't a thing.


If that optimisation is important to you I'd suggest doing the minification on your side and replacing the larger version.

Be sure to keep the original in case you need to go back.

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