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I have been spending more on adwords, Facebook and Instagram ads than I've been making. I've read some other post and they suggest SEO and/or social media companies to help me. I do run A/B tests where I can but it's time consuming and expensive and I feel like it's just a shot in the dark. Also, I realize I need better organic search or I can never stop paying adwords. Any recommendation on what I should do? If I should use a company I need something very affordable with proven results, suggestions? Thanks!

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Hi Nikki!:

I would like to introduce our company to you. We are experts on SEM and SEO, we can run all your Adwords campaigns, create banners for you, support you on Adwords questions...etc. All this for free!

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Best regards.

Rodrigo Munoz

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Everyone's #1 focus should be SEO before any kind of marketing. You haven't placed any backlinks to your site, so your organic traffic is virtually non existant. SEO is far more than onsite work, you need good anchor texts, good backlinks, fresh content, several high authority sites pointing to you and so much more. I have software that would normally cost $450 a month, and this is what I use for my million dollar clients. I'm offering it at $15/month and if you don't see your rankings improve, I'll give you your money back!

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if you want to run ads of google & facebook, please contact me - skype: a3vincent

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Hi Nikki! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here 🙂

Paid ads can be great if you are established brand and know your customers very well. You know what age group they are, where are they located, what are their interests etc. If you narrow your target audience with facebook ads / adwords using these elements, your ads have better chance to be seens by the people already interested in your products.

If you are a new brand, you don't have this knowledge yet. You might be GUESSING, but it doesn't mean you are right. I don't think you should choose between SEO or SMM [social media marketing], as both are essential for your website success. You should however outsource either one or both if you feel like you haven't got expertise to optimize your website and drive relevant traffic. 

Hope that helps!

Maggie Tuczapska

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Hi Nikki,

We offer affordable SEO services at SEO Doctor. Running ads may get your website to the top of search results but if the ads are not targetting the right people, you will invest a fortune with no returns. Before running ads, your site needs to be properly optimized and easy to navigate around. Also check out processes need to be very simple.

You can email: grace[at] if you need help improving your website.



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Hey Nikki,

I have used every variation of ad to drive site traffic for my ecommerce clients and I honestly think that as a newer shop, ads aren't the way to go at all.

Even if you reach the right audience, the fact that they don't know you means that they will be hesitant to buy from you.

Your budget is much better spent on an influencer marketing campaign. I'm not sure how much you know about this technique but you identify someone on Instagram that posts fashion and lifestyle pics that fit with your brand and the audience you want to attract. Contact them. Offer them products of their choosing and a sponsorship fee. You can pay less for them to simply post pics they take with your products including branded hashtags. This way you get around consumer's hesitation around buying from an unknown online retailer. They already trust and follow the influencer and like their style. 

Before you launch an influencer campaign, make your feed shoppable. This way as the influencer's followers come to check out your Instagram, they can buy directly from your posts. You can even ask the influencer to temporarily change the link in their profile to your Instagram shop so their followers have easy access to your products and can buy with a click.

Pixelshop has a Shoppify app that is free for 30 days that allows you to create a shoppable Instagram feed. You can sign up for Pixelshop and get the app here The shopify app makes your entire inventory available in the Pixelshop dashboard. You connect your Instagram account and link Instagram photos to the products they feature. Instagram followers will be able to click on your posts and see information about the product(s). Each post has a "shop now" button that links directly to the product purchasing page on your website. Having a shoppable Instagram feed allows you to convert social engagement to sales and capture impulse buys.

Pixelshop drives 21% more traffic to your site from Instagram. Traffic from your Instagram shop will convert a 4x's the rate of direct site traffic because they are more motivated to buy. The average order value of traffic from your Pixelshop is on average 6% higher than order volumes from customers who came from other traffic sources!

It's easy to waste money on ads. For the same budget, you can use influencer marketing with an Instagram shop and get much better results that also last a lot longer! Pixelshop is free for 30 days and worth the 5 minutes it takes to set up your shoppable Instagram feed.

I've attached a screenshot that shows you how Pixelshop works. Shoppable Instagram, Shoppable UGC & Affiliate/Influencer Marketing Platform Get our Shopify app!
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Hi Nikki,

If you need any help with marketing your ecommerce shop, I would highly recommend taking a look at these blogs: 

Online Marketing: How to Promote Your Ecommerce Website

Here It Is: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Effective Facebook Ads

Hope these help!

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Are you tracking your campaigns to see which parts of them are succeeding, and then optimising towards them?

What are your conversion rates like once people visit. Have you looked into possible bottlenecks that are stopping sales?

Technical SEO Consultant - Specialising in setting up Structured Data for Rich Snippets, Google Analytics for advanced reports and the Google Search Console for efficient crawling.
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Dear Nikki

We'd love to offer you a free SEO audit to take a look and diagnose potential marketing gaps in your site:

It's no obligation! 

Jo Verified Shopify Experts
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Hey Nikki, 

Adwords can be great addition to your online marketing, and shouldn't be ignored. You need to spend time going through all the information that analytics are providing you with, to make sure your ads are in front fo the right people, at the right times. 


You will always have a higher conversion rate from Google organic search than what you will from Google ads. 

It's important to realise as well, when you are doing AdWords, you will be competing with 6 other people for that ad spot. And with only 10 - 15% of search traffic going to ad clicks, you will only see 1/7th of that 10-15%, and the top organic results will see upwards of 40% of that search traffic. That's why having a strong SEO campaign is so important. 

This is why they need to be so pinpoint and precise to who you are targeting so you don't waste your budget.

Having a solid SEO campaign behind your eCommerce store is vital, looking back at the AdWords, although it gets you in front of people, it doesn't actually build an online presence for you. As soon as you stop paying, your disappear. Whereas, SEO will build your presence online over the course of time, and will turn your website into a valuable online asset. 

I'm a Google Partner and specialise in Google Organic Traffic, and I would be more than happy to send you across a video analysis going through everything you need to do to make your store a success online. I also have a couple of great tips that never seem to be talked about on the forums, that I am happy to share with you as well.

If you're interested, drop me an email at

and we can discuss things a little further,



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You can build organic traffic by writing blog posts that are relevant to your potential customers. If your audience is primarily women you can share mix-and-match inspirations about your products. I am not familiar with women apparel, but I can share my experience with you.

My Shopify app is about helping Shopify stores to have better SEO and Social Marketing. Many of them didn't start for a long time. So I will write about SEO, facebook marketing tips, my startup journey, how to solve "traffic-no-sales", everything related to small businesses. As I am a small business, I am facing the same challenges like them like HR, accounting, marketing & sales (main concern), product development, etc. There are many common issues we are facing.

The most important thing is providing values to the audience. It can help them to solve some problems.

You can refer to my latest blog post about facebook marketing tips: 6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Making Your Facebook Posts 

How to customize facebook share image of your store homepage?
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Michael Fox, we'd like to try your $15/month service. How exactly does it improve ranking? These tools track or summarize or do metrics, but so do Adwords/Instagram/Google Analytics. We've been, like the author of this post, (kind of) managing SEO ourselves, but are wondering what can change (in a.o. traffic, searchability, conversion, and our time efficiency) if a SEO company comes along on the trip. 

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Hi Nikki, 

You should definitely give social media a try. It's a great source of referral traffic. Not just that, search engines have updates their algorithm to incorporate social media presence in establishing the relevance of a brand. So, as busy as you are, you cannot ignore social media. 

It's best to automate social media as much as possible. The parts that you can automate are promoting your discounts, products etc.

OrangeTwig can help you with this automation.

There is Free Trial, and then starts at $10/month.

How this helps:

First off, it covers all social media channels - Twitter, Fb, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr.

Next, it lets you set a posting schedule, like 2 posts daily across all channels for a month.
What's unique is - It places your products in designs you choose to make your social media posts eye-catching.

Messaging - You can add CTAs like "Buy Now" and "Shop Till You Drop" to your social media posts to drive conversions.

It helps you create occasion based posts, like for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day etc
It helps you schedule and push sales, and Daily Deals like 5% Off on a different product daily.

Shopify itself does not allow you to do this.

If you do not want to offer sales, you can also create and schedule engagement posts like "Tag a Friend Who'll Rock This Dress <insert dress image>", and "Quote of the Day".

But just posting is not enough. You need to get NEW people to see your posts right?

The  app provides you with Instagram hashtags that will drive the maximum no. of views to your post, such as top hashtags in the yoga category if you sell yogawear.

So much! A good place to begin is ... with Share a Poster tool.

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I strongly recommend you to use SEO as it is the cost effective marketing strategy. It helps you to reach people that are vigorously looking for information that relates to your products and services. If you didn't opt for SEO, you are at the greatest risk that you will lose your potential customers as SEO helps you to rank higher on search results. 
You are talking about organic search, using SEO can only help you to improve organic search results if you focus on your content strategy, high quality back links, targeted keywords. 
Last but not least mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) more searches being recorded then ever before.  If you deploy specific algorithms for mobile and local search, you will more opportunities for your website to reach top of the result. 

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Hi, Nikki this Ethan from Australia. Now days Rayzor website design offers SEO marketing with an outstanding prices. So, if you want to try SEO services and social marketing then try

Hope you got your answer so call them and enjoy their services.


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Hey! if you don't want to spend much on these things then do some basic SEO yourself. There are many articles available on this topic, you just need to give it some time personally and surely you will succeed. Learn basic factors of SEO and implement those on your site only you can do it in the best possible way. 

These are the factors of SEO which you can perform on your site you don't need to implement all the factors.

Here are some basic factors which you can perform on your site- 

  • Register your domain with proper keyword
  • Keywords should appear in the title tag, headings, meta description, description.
  • Provide useful content with proper keyword optimization.
  • Optimize images with proper Alt Tags.
  • Make your site responsive
  • Do internal linking properly
  • List your site in Local listings like google my business, yelp, etc.
  • Make separate pages on all social media sites and interact with the audience on a regular basis. 

Or hire a good agency and specify them your basic requirements clearly. 

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