SEO Process I Used with My Shopify Site That I Sold

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Hey people,
I am a co-founder at HockeyStack and I spend the most time on marketing, branding, design, etc. I had a Shopify site for 3 years which I sold. I want to give back to the Shopify community. Here is the SEO Process I used with my Shopify site and an offer.
I want to offer you free detailed feedback on your Shopify site with an SEO process suggestion. Please leave a reply with your email and the Shopify site!
In this post, I want to tell you the exact process I used to rank on the first page for a few relevant keywords in a month.
Finding a topic
When I wake up every day, I wait for 2 hours to eat my first meal to burn fat without effort. In these 2 hours, I drink my coffee and search for content.
I use Wayback machine to look for our competitors' blog posts from years back since they are in this industry for 10+ years they have a lot of blog posts they used to rank for the keywords I try to aim for.
I find old posts and look for parts that are not really relevant today.
Finding keywords
After finding an old post I can write about, I look for non-relevant parts. For example, they have blog posts about features they added and they talk about it like a breakthrough.
However, if I talk about such a feature like a breakthrough it won't make any sense. So I delete those parts and look for keywords with Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension. I copy and paste the most relevant keywords to a Word Doc.
After that, I use the Google Keyword tool to look for their competitiveness, search volume, etc. Then make a list of long-tail keywords and low-medium competition keywords with 100-100k volume.
Looking For Other Posts
After that, I search for other posts by putting some of the keywords in Google and I look at the top 5 articles. I copy-paste them to look for their word count and keywords to look if I can find other keywords that have low competition but a good search volume.
I also try to write a bit longer than those posts but I don't know if it does work. Some say it works some say it doesn't.
Writing the blog
I try to write in a more personal/informal tone because I love reading articles that are not really formal and more talkative. I also add images and gifs but don't add stock photos. It is also because I personally don't like seeing them everywhere on articles so I don't use them.
If you have feedback or if I can do something better please leave a comment!
I hope you find this useful 🙂
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