SEO question: Meta description and page title on Google different than in Shopify Admin

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Recently, we changed page titles and meta descriptions for some collections and product pages on our store, but the changes are not visible on Google. I think the images attached explain it best: one image is from Shopify Admin, for a specific collection. It shows the new page title and description that we want to use. The second image is from Google. The changes were made a couple of days ago, so I assumed the change would be visible. Is there something else we need to do? Or do we need to wait a bit more?

I guess we can request reindexing on Google Search Console, but what if we have a lot of products?




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Hi @vercig09 ,


You can submit a sitemap in the google search console to index all your pages.


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Google can change your titles and meta descriptions. You can also submit it in GSC to be recrawled. The likely issue is the pages need to be recrawled.

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