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SEO Question: Shopify Site Structure Avoiding Duplicate Content

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Hey I am setting up my new store and will be trying to rank my collections pages, my store has 2, “.com/collections/hats” and “.com/collections/shirts” (other part of keyword is in domain).


I see that Shopify also inherently has multiple pages that may cause duplicate content issues, specifically “.com/collections”, “.com/collections/all”, and “.com/products”. (I have the tags taken care of).


Would you recommend that I “noindex” those pages? Or put a canonical on them (if so to where?), disallow crawling, or just leave them alone?

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Hi @DanScarpato ,


I would recommend that you take a look at each of those pages to see if the canonical tags have already been added to the pages because this is something that Shopify does quite well:


  • Visit one of the pages
  • Right-click with your mouse, and select view source
  • Search for "canonical"
  • The canonical tag should point to the page you want search engines to prioritize. For example if you land on a paginated page "” the canonical tag should point to ""


If you find that your canonical tags on these pages are properly setup, the next thing you'll want to do is to define what URL parameters your Shopify store is using inside Google Search Console. Check this guide for more help:



Good luck and talk soon,




Talk soon,