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Do you have any good SEO Services agency to recommend that is affordable?


Thank you.

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Hi @Mk8189,


If you want an agency with years of experience in running e-commerce SEO campaigns, I suggest you take a look at SEOReseller (Disclaimer: I work for SEOReseller).


Check out our Shopify SEO methodology here: and learn how we can help you boost e-commerce revenue in a cost effective way.


Also, allow me to share with you our ultimate Shopify SEO guide:

You’ll find here actionable steps, Shopify SEO tips, and insights taken from our years experience in running e-commerce SEO campaigns so you can start increasing your revenue through rankings. 


Hope this helps!

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You can search in google you will get best results.

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I don't recommend limiting yourself to the list of vendors provided by Shopify directly. Perform an independent Google search and see who stands out. Our Shopify SEO services aren't listed and we consistently outperform listed vendors.

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It's great to see how much useful information has already been shared. I would quickly like to add that anyone who is thinking about getting started with SEO, two simple ways that can improve your store's visibility on Google is your FAQ page and product descriptions.

By finding the right keywords and using them in your frequently asked question page and product description tags in a clever way, will improve your chances of being found on Google. It's also wise to consider using links to various sections of your page and write blog posts on different topics that can help customers find important information as well as hit the keywords your online store is associated with. 

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There are a lot of SEO services at the moment, so I am sure that you will be able to find the right service for yourself without any problems. To begin with, can you tell us more about your website? Perhaps your problem can not be solved only by SEO service. To begin with, in order to increase traffic, you need to improve the performance and appearance of the website itself. Since users will not want to stay on an inconvenient and very laggy website. As soon as your site not only looks good, but also works perfectly, you can think about SEO advertising. Personally, I think that press release distribution is the most effective method for advertising a website. Although the method with backlinks is also quite effective.

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I would suggest you to search on Google to get the best local SEO service provider in your city/country! But make sure you check their reviews before hiring them!