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How long does it typically take for someone to start seeing the fruits of their SEO labor? What are the top things SEO beginners should be focusing on in the first 3 months?


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Hey @Ant365 ,

This is a great question and one that I often hear in the field of SEO. Normally, SEO takes between 6-9 months of continuous work before seeing the fruits of your labor. It is a long-term investment that should pay off in dividends over time. 

To start, I would suggest checking out Google's guide for SEO which covers a broad range of topics that can help beginners and experts. The main focus is making sure your site is user-friendly, has quality content, and has a good site speed. For a guide on site speed, you can check out this blog post from my team.

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The length of time it takes to see results from SEO depends on the following factors:

  • The quality of the SEO being performed on your website.
  • The website’s level of Google Trust and performance.
  • The competitiveness of the search landscape in the niche.

Generally, It takes 4-6 months to see results in an SEO campaign. Approximately 3 months in, rankings begin to increase. Organic traffic then starts to tick upward as a result. After a few months, when enough organic traffic has come in to statistically result in an inquiry, then you and see your leads.

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First things first, learn the basics. After that you will understand what you need to study more.
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I believe that it depends a lot on your goals. Have you asked yourself what is it that you seek? What is the final result that you want? You should know what exactly you need or want, and only after that start asking this kind of question. This rule doesn't apply to SEO only; it is not like you go to a carpenter and ask when your furniture will be ready without telling him what you need, a table or a chair. I have looked for an Internet Marketing Agency recently, and they did an outstanding job within the timeline that we discussed from the very beginning. My advice for you is to define your needs and then plan your timing.