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my shop name is

for example I am selling nike shoes.

I created a colection Nike Shoes and Shopify add to my meta title OtherWorld Shoes

so my Meta title is Nike Shoes | OtherWorld Shoes

also my url is

My question is on the meta title and on the url I use shoes word 2 times. Does it effect negative SEO ?

My lots of collection page will be same like " etc..

What do you think should I use shoes words 2 times or I can do

" Nike | OtherWorld Shoes and

When I check my competitors the use Nike Shoes and collection/nike-shoes and they rank 1,2,3 for the keyword.


Note: I am not selling Nike, it is just an example





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Hey Utku Senyuva,

it is okay to use Shoe word in Category and Sub-category.

but don't overuse shoe word in URL. here is the sample URL of my website in which ceramic coating is used twice. ( )

So it's fine. it is not negative SEO and it won't hurt your SEO rankings. but don't stuff URLs with the keyword.


I hope this helps you.

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hello Utku Senyuva

Follow the advice given by Car Care products which are right. Have a look on the image i attached.


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Yeah you are right

otherworldshoes/collection/nike-shoes/product/tennis shoes has too much shoes.

otherworldshoes/collection/nike/product/tennis shoes is better.

Thanks for advice.

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As others have said, you do need it in the URL (and on the page) to let Google easily know what the page is about, but don't "stuff" in a ton extra. You should be fine for now with once or twice in the URL. 

One thing I would note though is that "Nike Shoes" (I know that's not what you sell) is extremely "short tail". Especially early on you would do well to focus on "long tail" keywords.

Staying with your example, something like " /collection/nike/red-low-top-cross-trainers " will probably be better for you as the competition for 'Nike Shoes' is going to be fierce and backed by on-line titans. 

Hope that helps! 


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