SEO, Traffic Issues.. I need help or better yet a marketing partner!

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Hi guys...

I have built a dropship website to sell discounted office furniture exclusive to the UK - The products I have listed and highly competive and I am in very well with the supplier but I am not seeing many sales at this point...

I have optimised the SEO to the best of my ability and have played around with adwords etc averaging around 1k visits per day at this point and my only advertising campaign in through Linkedin as I believe with the right marketing through this social platform could give me huge ROI due to the amount of office based businesses.

If anyone could spare me some advice or even partner with with me on this new venture I really appreciate any feedback!

Check out the website -

I have plenty of time to put into the backend and have £400 per month set as my max amount I want to spend on advertising campaigns ideally with a 50% return in the beginning.

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Hi There!

Happy to help!

1. Facebook Advertising drives the most traffic to ecommerce websites. I would export a csv of customers who have purchased and create a look alike audience campaign Facebook. This campaign will probably NOT generate revenue but it is driving traffic to your website and . that is step one.

2. 90% of site visitors don't purchase on their first visit. 

- setup an email capture pop up on site load to grow your email list so you can continue to nurture new sign ups through your email campaigns. Email campaigns are the number one revenue generator for ecommerce sites so it is crucial to continue to grow your list in every way.

3. Setup a retargeting campaign on social and web using dynamic product ads (these show visitors the products they viewed on your site creating a highly personlized highly relevant experience). I would look at AdRoll for this - they have the largest partner network in the world and retarget to all Google Networks so no need for Google Remarketing as well.

4. Set up abandoned cart recovery emails to reach back out to those who have added to cart but not yet purchased. Over 70% of carts are abandoned - it is inevitiable. Embrace your post visit email ability and urge users to come back and purchase

5. download a shopify SEO app like SEO Manager (scans and helps with page titles, broken links and all the things)

6. Product Reviews! these are GREAT for SEO and customer confidence! send a post purchase email with the product purchased and include a coupon code to encourage engagement.

Let me know if you have other questions - I can refer you to some great people!

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Well the thing about the email collection is......I am personally not to hijack the forum, have a pretty compitent exit  pop up for email collection. 

Overall it's great advice but I'm wondering how well that stuff can work  for everyone. I will give SEO manager a try this coming weekend. Good tips.