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A newbie here. In the product section, when you move the mouse over the images, there is the EDIT ALT TEXT option. Do I have to write a simple sentence or write words with draws and commas?

Also, the images that I add have all keywords separated by draws, should I write the same words in the EDIT ALT TEXT section or another description?

Also, if you write the ALT text in this section, does that mean we do not need to write in the HTML code? I hope so, because I do not know how to do it.

Thank you very much

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Hi, Gigi!

Lisa here form the Shopify Support Team. 

To help you understand what Edit Alt Text is, in order to write your image descriptions it is the alternative text used by text browsers and other web user agents that can't view images. It should describe the image and what is in it. However, it is extremely valuable for Search Engine Optimization! For example, if someone Google image searches 'Black pants gold zipper with pockets' if your image is described this way, your image has a much higher chance of showing up first in the Google Search!

Depending on your SEO tactic, you can use keywords separated by commas, or basic descriptions (my personal preference, as the original function for Alt text, is for someone who is visually impaired. Here's a great article on how to optimize your writing for Alt txt images. Each image you write the text on will show up better, so if you have a side view and front view of the same item - include this in the description. 

Yes! With Shopify sites, the good new is you do not need to touch the HTML code for SEO! Here's more information on adding keywords to your Shopify store to improve SEO. You will just need to add keywords on products, collection, and in your preferences page! Then Shopify sites are optimized to be crawled by Google to ensure these areas are regularly updated!

Hope this helped to clarify the use of Alt Text and how it can benefit your store in search engines!

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

- Lisa ? 


Lisa | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi Gigi,

Just to add a little to what Lisa said. 

Search engines cannot view images - Search engines leverage ALT text to identify and tag images, this is why you should add ALT text or image descriptions to your product images. In crafting your ALT text make sure not to do keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing can hurt your SEO.

Wrong: saddle, western saddles, cheap saddles, used saddles, horse saddles, buy saddles

Correct: Turko classic western ranch saddle and track with brass hardware and conchos

In Shopify you can easily edit your ALT text  without coding but you can also use an app like SEO Doctor to easily give your images ALT text. SEO Doctor can also find and automatically fix all SEO issues on your store.


Ben Kissi

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hey Gigi,

Alt text is with Image because the Search engine cannot read image's content.

you have to enter the ALT text in order to let the crawlers know what the image is about. 

you can use keywords in alt text field separated by "," 

use few keywords which can describe your image. Keywords should be relevant to the image.

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Thank you very much for this post. It was very useful!
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Yeah, it's really necessary to add more alt text because Google can just understand a picture through alt texts. It also gives you a chance to get a higher rank in SERP. For details and How to SEO images on Shopify, you can read this image SEO guide.

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