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What is best activity of seo off page?

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Some of the best off page activities I found are -

1) Social Bookmarking

2) Blog Marketing

3) Forum Marketing

4) Video Marketing

5) Article Submission

6) Answer Questions

7) Directory Submission

😎 Photo Sharing

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and for all that ranklines is best

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According to Business listing is the best activity for quality backlinks.

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Business listing, blogger, article submission, pdf,  and video sharing  are best activity of seo off page.

tension fabric, pop up exhibits
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Forum posting posting is best activity for me for doing seo. 

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all off page methods such as blog, articles, infographics, ppt,social book mark, business listing, classified, image share on high page rank website are beneficial for seo..

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15 Great Off-Page SEO Techniques:

1. Social Networking Sites

2. Blogging

3. Blog Marketing

4. Forum Marketing

5. Search Engine Submission

6. Directory Submission

7. Social Bookmarking

8. Link Baiting

9. Photo Sharing

10. Video Marketing

11. Business Reviews

12. Local Listings

13. Article Submission

14. Social Shopping Network

15. Answer Questions

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Link exchanging, cross-linking, photo sharing, submitting classifieds, articles, blogs, PPC, and campaigning, etc are some of the finest SEO activities that I have come across.
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I lke banner ads on niche websites. We have gotten plenty of sales from this method. 


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Off-page activity are very important in SEO.

It includes different types of activity like blog posting, guest posting, Directory submission, Local business listing, Social circulation. 

Please find high authority directory submission or local business listing because if you have added your link in spamming sites your site will penalized by Google.

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After On-page optimization in your site it is very important to maintain the ranking or imporve ranking. So for that we are doing Off-page activity like - 

Blog posting, 
Guest posting,
Directory submission, 
Local business listing, 
Social circulation, 
Article submission,
Video promotion

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First step for SEO is On-page SEO i.e. keywords, contents etc. Then its time for Off-page SEO which include Directory Submissions, Bookmarking, Forum Posting, Article Submission, Socail Network advertisements etc.

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Related site commenting + Guest Posting

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Social Bookmarking

Web Directory

Article Submission

Blog Comments

Blog Posting

Forum Submission

Classified AD Submission

Business Listing

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I would have to ask first, what is your industry and term you're trying to rank for? If you're entering the game late and it's a highly competitive phrase, and you were a client, I'd have to say; "...we'll need to discuss this..." because ranking doesn't happen overnight.

You need to have in-depth key word research, define your long tail phrases, local search ( if related ) and decide what traffic will turn into sales so you can calculate your ROI.

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Off Page Submission List:

  • Forum Submission
  • Business Listing
  • Classified Ads
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Blog commenting
  • Web 2.0 Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Press Release Submission
  • Image Sharing
  • Document Sharing
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Forum Posting

Social Bookmarking

I think Article posting is the best option.

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submit articles is right choise to make your website become stronger with strong Backlink