Setting up a Blog for SEO

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Hi Everyone,


I am new to the Shoplift platform but have performing SEO for the past 5+ years.  I recently started a project with a client for SEO and they use Shopify.


We recently created a quality post for the client but do not see any positive results.


After some research we found that the blog's category page (website/blog/cat_page), was ranking better than the actual blog post (website/blog/cat_page/blog_post).  This should not happen, as the category page (cat_page) has only a small snippet of the content as compared to the actual post (blog_post).


I would appreciate any comments and suggestions for optimizing the blog for SEO.


Thank You.





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Depending on how new the content is, or the competitiveness of the given keyword you may find this to happen, but then reshuffle with the blog post afterwards. Check the actual blog post is indexed.

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Here are the techniques for setting up a blog for SEO

  • Plan your content with proper keyword research
  • Write an effective blog post title
  • Find semantic keywords for your focus keyword
  • Make internal linking a habit
  • Add  meta descriptions to your blogs
  • Add relevant images and videos in your blogs
  • Make your articles easier to read
  • Aim to get featured in the search result
  • Use categories and tags to organize content
  • Optimize older blog posts
  • Make your blog posts comprehensive

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What parameters you have considered for your research?