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Setting up a podcast utilizing shopify

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Hello all,

I am trying to set up a podcast for my store, but I am having a bit of trouble finding the best way to do this.

I already run an unrelated podcast using wordpress and hosting through libsyn.

Everytime I release an episode, I upload it to libsyn, which then spits out a rss feed linke for that episode. I then go to my wordpress backend and create a page for the episode with show notes, etc and input the feed link from libsyn to the blubrry powerpress plugin. Once I publish the page on my wordpress site, the episode is then sent to itunes.

I am having a hard time finding a similar "supply chain" using shopify ionstead of wordpress. 

Do any of you have experience on publishing podcast episodes using shopify as your home page for the show as opposed to wordpress? 

I really just need the audio from libsyn to play on a player on my shopify blog AND show up in itunes. 



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Hello Colin,

I have researched this forum and found the Topic "Podcast listing on a Shopify site?" (, the last comment answers to your question:

Shopify Merchant -Christopher Odell (11 months ago)

Melissa, Thanks and I just used the built in blog then added some code along with using libsyn's player option that they give you when you use the service for podcast distribution. It wasn't too tough, and libsyn works well.

Hope it helps!


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